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Why Men are choosing designer clothes

There are men who look their best no matter what they are doing or where they are. Whether they are at a day at the office or playing football with the guys, they always seem to look great. Some men and women wonder what their secret is, what do they know that other people do not? It all comes down to the brand; they always wear designer clothes. A man cannot look bad in a nice pair of designer pants or a shirt. Designers make their clothes to appeal to and fit the everyday man whether they are a casual guy or a sporty one. These clothes offer every type of man an option that will fit into their lifestyle.

Mens designer clothes are said to define the man who wears them, so this is what makes a any guy look so perfectly put together. Men dress to display a variety of personality traits including masculinity, intelligence, athleticism and a good fashion sense. Men choose the designer based on their personal needs and what personality traits they want to showcase. A man knows that when he looks good people around him can feel his confidence radiating.

Designer clothes are the quick and easiest way to take a guy from shabby to chic in no time at all. These types of clothes are not mass produced or ordinary like the ones you find at your local low cost clothing stores. Every item from a designer line is given the care and detail that you would expect. The time that is put in to each item of clothing is what makes the quality of it so much higher than that of other clothing. Most men do not like to go out and spend tons of money on clothes, especially when a few months later they have to go out and do the same thing to replace the old ones. This is what makes designer clothes so attractive to a man; they may be paying more upfront, but in the end they are saving a lot of time and money. Also, when a man purchases a designer piece of clothing, they can be sure that the fit and style is going to be perfectly tailored to their body type. Designers spend hours creating each tiny piece of the clothing to ensure that the goods they put on the market are as close to perfection as one can get.

Mens Clothing Store Online! Yes - I'm back with more postings and more Diesel Jeans!

I'm back everyone.

We have been busy getting the newest in Summer and Fall Trends out on the site and have decided to bring everything online.

Things are going well and I hope the same for you! Stay tuned for more articles and info from me and the gang at BuzzClothing.com


distilled spirit

I just got back from Project Las Vegas where I caught up with Matty Merrill from Distilled, one of the newest and most eye-catching menswear lines from San Francisco. I first met Matty back in June when I visited him in his design studio south of Mission and checked out the current fall collection. This time I had a chance to preview spring 2008 and was really impressed. It’s incredibly preppy, but in an untraditional way that combines different patterns and fabrics like seersucker and plaid, gingham bibs and collars on a pique polo, and mono-chrome shirts and ties in different pastels. It’s definitely one of the freshest lines for spring, innovative but something most guys could comfortably wear. After the madness of Vegas was over, I asked him for an inter-view to talk about Distilled, the spring collection, and his approach to design.

When did you start Distilled?

Two years ago my buddy Sep and I started Distilled. We met in college at Stanford. I moved to New York to become a fashion designer and he got his PhD in Math from Stanford. I studied Product Design with a bunch of mechanical engineers and product whizzes. I originally wanted to design art objects, like stuff you find in a Moma Store, but the opportunities in fashion ended up grabbing my attention. I am obsessed with the "design problem" -- creating a new detail or feature that is completely useful, making better clothes, of course.

Form meets function... all that?

Yeah, but garments bring this whole new challenge in that they have been around since man was cold, so there is this amazing platform of experience. I just get to come in and add the brilliant details. That and the fact that the seasons are so close together which drive super rapid development is what drew me to fashion. I love cre-ating 40 products every few months. In art objects its one piece per 2 years.

And if you create something no one likes, they forget about it quickly!

Getting the rug pulled out from under you is good sometimes and with the rapid trends of fashion it happens all the time.

What do you think about that phenomenon of the rock-star designer? I’m thinking about Philippe Starck or Richard Meier.

If you're able to build a brand around your own style -- whatever that may be -- you're in good shape. I defi-nitely have not-so-secret dreams about making Distilled mops and shower curtains.

How did you come up with the name Distilled?

Distilled reflects the idea that we distilled garments down to the best parts. Fit, function, and in our case, good art. You should definitely check out the artists for this season, all stencil artists like Adam5100 and Peat Wol-laeger, for instance. The ones from the fall line are outsider artists who are not classically trained but make amazing stuff. One's a scientist from MIT, some street artists and this amazing artist named William Scott. He's autistic and draws his own utopian vision of future San Francisco all day. It's nothing but high-rise apartment buildings and churches. He calls it, “Praise Frisco”. The group he works with is Creative Growth. They rep-resent many artists with disabilities. They are inspiring as hell.

Do you have any designers you look to for inspiration?

I love Ettore Sottsass and Charles and Ray Eames. Ettore started this insane design group in Italy called Memphis, sorta half inspired by Graceland and half inspired by some ancient, cultural city in Egypt. They made outlandish furniture and products but best of all was this typewriter called the Valentine. There were plenty of typewriters out there but this was just so much sexier and smoother and red. It was the iPhone of it's time but better.

Have you seen the Eames' movie Power of 10? Best stoner movie ever.

No. I'll netflix it.

There's a lot of really good fashion coming out of San Francisco these days: Nice Collective, B. Son, etc. How do you think Distilled fits into the scene up there?

When we first started two years ago I told store buyers we were the "sunny Nice Collective" because no one knew what to make of a fashion line out of San Francisco. But the best part is that we all use the same facto-ries so the quality is solid. The number of resources we use is insane. Our line is not that big but we use 5 dif-ferent factories, three dye houses, a cut house, four application houses -- so many steps.

A lot of the clothing up there is very intellectual. There is always a philosophy behind it.

Well we're deep people up here, I suppose. Maybe smart. Or maybe we just stay in during the cold summers and read.

What clothing lines did you work at prior to starting Distilled?

I started at a puppet shop making costumes and props. I made the costume for some minor league baseball mascots and a super hero named Black Cougar.

That's kind of ironic seeing that you were the Stanford mascot.

Shit, dude. I never should have told you that.

After that I got a gig at Tommy Hilfiger for 15 minutes, then as a men’s designer at Triple 5 Soul. That's where I really cut my teeth.

When I saw your line the first time in San Francisco it seemed a lot more urban to me than the most recent collection. How would you describe spring 08?

Slim, smart and buttoned up. This line was powered by mathletes, Holden Caulfield, and NASA control room dudes from the late 60s – very preppy, but in an innovative way with the addition of art. All the prints from this season are from stencil artists.

One more question and I’ll let you go. The logo for Distilled has a stylized sketch of a turtle. Why the turtle, and who drew it?

I did. Sep and I thought the turtle was the most spiritual animal. They're ancient. Some of the tortoises in the Galapagos are so old they are the last members of their species and they've been that for 80 years. They live forever. Pirates used to catch them for food and stow them in the hull for months with no food or water then pull them up and they were still kicking. How do they get through it? Meditation.


sabre vision buzz bridgade

just got a new style of shades in perfect for our late summer hangovers... sabre's buzz brigade... kind of like the fuzz but more 80s and less 70s.



well the phantasmagoria show is over now. it was a great success thanks to all the artists and organizers. check out some pictures from the warehouse after they converted it into a gallery. if there's any artists out there who want to do a show, contact me. cheers.


project wrap-up

one blackberry, five martinis, two flights, one blister, countless pirates & wenches, a few sushi rolls, four iced coffees, two security screenings, and one expired driver's license i emerge from project las vegas. it was a bit hectic and a bit disappointing, yet it was not without a silver lining. nice collective for spring looks amazing. i think the theme is called bandoliers and relates to roma nomads. i also found a great new line called cast denim from LA that is something between APC and vintage levis. they use all old stock denim and hand-sewn construction to make awesome jeans and jackets and such. we were all wearing beat up chucks. i also checked out rag & bone, but i'm not sure if they like me enough to sell me their clothes! we'll see. also, distilled -- a line from SF - looked great for spring and i'm interviewing matty from the line tomorrow. other than that, there wasn't a whole lot besides my usual favorites like NSF and save khaki.

barry weaver

meet barry weaver... DJ and producer extraorinaire who i've been told has the largest collection of music in san diego. who knows if that's true or not, but if you see his house, it definitely feels that way. barry is the brainchild behind successful club nights like electrolux and made an awesome mix for us. he described it as "mid tempo, summery, lyric, cosmic, kind of mix, really sunday, sunset, cafe del mar, total like you know old school kind of ibiza vibe." we love it, and so will you.


phantasmagoria @ buzz this weekend

Need some excitement this weekend? Adapta Project, a San Diego Tijuana arts group, will be taking over the Buzz Clothing warehouse (630 10th Ave.) from 7 to 11 p.m. this Friday, Aug. 24. Adapta Project presents Phantasmagoria: A Group Art Show, which will open with the obligatory beer-and-wine reception and remain open until Sunday, Aug. 26, when the show closes with casual art talks from 3 to 5 p.m.

Phantasmagoria features new works by artists Michael James Armstrong, Brian Dick, Foi Jimenez and Jorge Tellaeche.

brooklyn thieves

check out the latest underground brand at buzz... brooklyn thieves. in a world saturated by typical graphic t-shirts, brooklyn thieves stands out. fun and fresh, these t's will have your friends wondering when you got such mad style. check out james brown and kevin federline below.



check out the latest from diesel. my favorites are their wovens with classic western styling and their amazing denim. the look is cleaner and more sophisticated than in the past few seasons. enjoy.


nice collective

we finally got our shipment of nice collective in! it's so rad. all the sweaters are distressed with thumb holes; one has a white spider-web woven into the back of it. the jackets are fitted and perfect. the leather jacket we got is the coolest i've seen. it feels like stepping onto the set of blade runner.

howe for fall

we just got the first fall delivery for Howe in the shop and on the web. it's a really clean collection for Howe: fitted blazers, tailored woven shirts and Ts, and cool graphics inspired by seattle grunge of the 90s. check it out at buzz.


sounds like trouble

by now, you have to be living in a cave not to have an iPod. there are different shapes and sizes and colors, and yet, the headphones are the same... the same boring white ear buds that are as ubiquitous as a frappuccino in the summertime. to save us from the monotony of white that dangles from the ears of every jogger and commuter WeSC has introduced a line of designer headphones. a collaboration between WeSC and DJ Aoki (better known as kid millionaire), their superior sound is equalled only by their color palette. i expect to find them in the carry-on luggage of every jet-setter from aspen to the antilles. my jansport will be carrying the Pro set in lime green. available at BuzzClothing.com starting from
$28 - $195.


the fuzz

check out our favorite late summer shades... the fuzz from sabre vision. for some reason, they make me think of polyester suits and sugarhill gang. they also come in red and gray. on sale for $76 at buzz.


featured DJ: anthony ross

you'll love our daily track today.  actually, i think it's gonna be a track of the week.  our friend anthony ross made us a rad (yeah, i said "rad") mini-mix.  at 22 he's already spinning at some of the best clubs in san diego like belo and thin.  he's also known to do out of control beach parties on mission bay.  the track is pure club music that makes us miss our raver days.  grab the ketel and red bull and let's do it.  two ounces electro, a heaping tablespoon of house, and a dash of techno shaken vigorously with a ketel and redbull, click here to download the mix to put on your ipod for the perfect 25 minute dance party.


what is it about diamonds?

simultaneously fragile and and yet the hardest known substance on the
planet, diamonds are as fascinating as they are mysterious. composed
of pure carbon, some diamonds have a mythology of their own. take
the koh-i-nur, also known as syamantaka. first mentioned over 5,000
years ago in ancient sanskrit texts, it has been in the possession of
royalty from india to persia to afghanistan to england, where it now
rests in the crown of queen elizabeth. originally weighing 186 1/16
carats, it was re-cut in an effort to improve its brilliance.
translated as "mountain of light", the koh-i-nur originates from the
oldest known diamond mines in the world in andhra pradesh, india. it
has caused wars, political turmoil, and is believed by some to bear a
fatal curse to any man who wears it. one hindu legend is that it
once belonged krishna himself and was stolen as he lay sleeping.
3,000 years older than christ, 1,000 years older than the great
pyramid at giza and the oldest chinese dynasty, the stone is
mentioned in both james joyce's "ulysses" and henry david thoreau's
"walden." its value was once believed to be so great that it could
provide two and a half days of food for the entire population of the
world. it now sits locked away in the tower of london.


kaiserin magazine

Eclectic, crazy, and refreshing, Kaiserin Magazine should be on everyone's required summer reading list. Founded in 2006 by Arnaud-Pierre Fourtané and Didier Fitan, this French-English bilingual biannual calls itself "a magazine for boys with problems and all the girls who like them." It features the work of both established and emerging artists, photographers, authors, designers and illustrators who address homosexuality in their work.

The second issue -- called the Ecstasy Collective (or L'Extase Collective for our baguette-wielding friends) -- is out now and features diverse content including a hysterical shower orgy photographed in the basement of the Warhol Museum by Bruce LaBruce, black and white sketches of organic and fluid forms by Matthieu Levet, and a series of photographic portraits of ex-lovers by Nicolas Wagner. Not to be missed from Issue 02 is "Voisinage / Neighborhood", the series of ghostly photographs by Christian Siekmeier of different living spaces around where he grew up with childhood crushes posing inside.

Available at BuzzClothing.com for $15. Don't miss it.


weekend wrap-up

the weekend is over, and one thing is certain -- buzz is tired.
yesterday was a blur of mojitos, champagne, and negro modelo...
poolside with our friends adam and corey spinning and lots of tattoos
and hipsters. kind of surreal and lots of daft punk playing. i
think everyone is still reeling from the LA show that i missed
because i was too busy missing a flight to miss the show to miss a
trip to new york.
don't miss the daily track today... a sexy little number from an
italian flick from 1973 called "sessomatto"... very inspiring.


pride with a purpose party

so i've finally got the photos back from our party to benefit the san
diego youth housing project. the event raised over $3,000 for the
project that provides transitional housing for homeless teens in san
diego. thanks to the W hotel, DWR, MyPartnerPerfect.com, and Effen
vodka for making it a success!