project wrap-up

one blackberry, five martinis, two flights, one blister, countless pirates & wenches, a few sushi rolls, four iced coffees, two security screenings, and one expired driver's license i emerge from project las vegas. it was a bit hectic and a bit disappointing, yet it was not without a silver lining. nice collective for spring looks amazing. i think the theme is called bandoliers and relates to roma nomads. i also found a great new line called cast denim from LA that is something between APC and vintage levis. they use all old stock denim and hand-sewn construction to make awesome jeans and jackets and such. we were all wearing beat up chucks. i also checked out rag & bone, but i'm not sure if they like me enough to sell me their clothes! we'll see. also, distilled -- a line from SF - looked great for spring and i'm interviewing matty from the line tomorrow. other than that, there wasn't a whole lot besides my usual favorites like NSF and save khaki.

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